First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the collapse of humanity. Then comes dissolution of the sun. Then comes entropy.
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i just don’t think this is fair.

i started reading designations as a joke.

now look at me. stupidly preoccupied by designations, constantly tortured by the unfinished mathematique, starting chapter 65 of force of distance and avoiding out of many scattered things.

i watched an entire tv show i never had any interest in, just so i could read more cwr fic.

what the hell. it was a joke. it was just supposed to be a stupid joke.


#don’t you dare say a word emily #especially not karma #or any synonyms thereof

wHAT? a synonym of karma? why i would never. because it’s a perfectly good word on it’s own. i might be persuaded, however, to use a word more like


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ok i reblogged that video before i watched it all the way to the end oh my GOD i’m about to hyperventilate





The entire history of art has been leading to this monumental moment

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How To Correct a Date On Nerd Knowledge

It’s a choose-your-own-adventure date! Like an actual date! But hopefully not as sweaty?

To choose, click here!

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Things I learnt today: During WW1, MI5 used Girl Guides to send secret messages. They used Girl Guides because they quickly found that Boy Scouts couldn’t be trusted and were’t efficient enough.

At the start of the war Boy Scouts were also used. But it quickly became clear that Girl Guides were more efficient because they were less boisterous and talkative.

the boy scouts were too gossipy, so they used girl guides as spies instead this is probably the best day of my life

historicalagentcarter, although this would have been before Peggy’s time, maybe the experience of an aunt or even her mother in this program might have inspired her along her career path?

This is fantastic. If Peggy was born in 1919, her mother likely would have been too old to be a Girl Guide during the war, but I kind of love the idea of Peggy having an inspirational spy aunt. Maybe it’s a Carter family tradition?

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i want more girl byronic figures, i want more reckless self-important girl libertines leaving a string of broken men in their wake while dashing off poems and getting into obscene wagers. i want girl characters that are just on the charming mercurial side of unlikeable arseholes and definitely morally questionable but always game for a revolution

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Guillermo Del Toro’s house..

It’s so beautiful, brings a tear to my eye

Is Guillermo Del Toro even real

You see that person on the far right of the bottom picture? Not a real person. It’s a life-size statue of H.P. Lovecraft. In his study.

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oh yes , game of thrones, great show. i love the way d&d just… [clenches fists] [keeps clenching fists] [doesn’t stop clenching fists]

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Ernest Hemingway would have died rather than have syntax. Or semicolons. I use a whole lot of half-assed semicolons; there was one of them just now; that was a semicolon after “semicolons,” and another one after “now.”

And another thing. Ernest Hemingway would have died rather than get old. And he did. He shot himself. A short sentence. Anything rather than a long sentence, a life sentence. Death sentences are short and very, very manly. Life sentences aren’t. They go on and on, all full of syntax and qualifying clauses and confusing references and getting old. And that brings up the real proof of what a mess I have made of being a man.

Ursula K. Le Guin on being a man – the finest, sharpest thing I’ve read in ages 

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I like Hemingway AND Le Guin (although Le Guin is my favorite) and I love the way Le Guin writes about other writers. 

Also, this quote is slightly incorrect! It should end this way:

"And that brings up the real proof of what a mess I have made of being a man: I am not even young. Just about the time they finally started inventing women, I started getting old. And I went right on doing it. Shamelessly. I have allowed myself to get old and haven’t done one single thing about it, with a gun or anything."

I think it’s important to include that part, because I like when Le Guin talks about ageism (for lack of a better term) and how people see getting old as something shameful and weak, when really its the most natural thing for everyone in the world to do.

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Pepper and JARVIS had to stage an intervention after Tony saw Pacific Rim.

Pepper and JARVIS had to stage an intervention after Tony saw Pacific Rim.

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Well, I have said this in the past, so I hope i don’t bore you by repeating it, but I think that we live or die under the tyranny of perfection. Socially, we are pushed towards being perfect. Physically, beautiful to conform to standards that are cruel and uncommon, to behave and lead our lives in a certain way, to demonstrate to the world that we are happy and healthy and all full of sunshine. We are told to always smile and never sweat, by multiple commercials of shampoo or beer.

And I feel that the most achievable goal of our lives is to have the freedom that imperfection gives us.

And there is no better patron saint of imperfection than a monster.

We will try really hard to be angels, but I think that a balanced, sane life is to accept the monstrosity in ourselves and others as part of what being human is. Imperfection, the acceptance of imperfection, leads to tolerance and liberates us from social models that I find horrible and oppressive.

Guillermo del Toro, on why he has always been intrigued by monsters [x] (via radiophile)    
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sexy inexplicable melancholy

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You’re one in a million. That means there are 320 of you in the United States. Find yourself. Start an army. Overthrow the government of a small midwestern town. Run shit.

and now, the weather

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